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Dubai: consultant post in general dentistry

Job Offer: MJ32T
We are currently recruiting for a hospital in Dubai. They are looking to hire a senior general dentist. The client in this case is looking for a doctor with a Western/Caucasian background. Applicants need to have a minimum work experience of three years after specialization. In our experience candidates over 57 years are less likely to get job offers especially if they are competing with younger candidates. All candidates should be prepared to register with the Dubai Medical Council as most employers in that region will only shortlist candidates who are already registered. If you need help with the registration we can put you in contact with a UK agency who will assist with all the administrative steps (their fee is 1200 pounds including all fees due to Dubai authorities, if you do the registration on your won you will have to pay about 500 pounds to the authorities).
The salary expectation for a Consultant grade Doctor is approximately 65-80,000 AED monthly (which works out at 180-220.000 Euros resp. 160-192,000 Pounds Sterling annually). This is Tax free and you would usually be provided with a basic housing and transport allowance plus health insurance. Also there are often opportunities to earn commissions on top of your basic salary depending on how effectively you can build your client base.

Working hours are usually around 40- 45 hours/ week. The contracts are usually 1-2 years with at least 30 days paid annual leave per year.