Prices for ads in is a service of German Medicine Net, specialist for international medical recruitment since 2001. Yopu can advertrise in this portal at very competitive rates. As soon as you have ordered and ad or an ad package you can start publishing ads within the limits of the oackage you ordered. You can also change the text and the category of any ad at any time . For example you can transform an ad for the recruitment of an orthopaedic specialist (one you have found a suitable candidate) into an ad searching for a junior dentist .

    Prices for ads for a period of 3 months

  • 1 ad: 60 Euro
  • up to 5 ads: 200 Euro
  • up to 10 ads: 350 Euro
  • Prices for ads for a period of one year

  • 1 ad: 200 Euro
  • up to 5 ads: 600 Euro
  • up to 10 ads: 900 Euro
  • up to 20 ads: 1200 Euro
  • up to 50 ads: 1800 Euro
  • unlimited ads: 2400 Euro
  • all prices are net ex VAT

    If you have questions regarding this offer please send us an email:: or call our GERMAN NUMBER: +49 221 82 82 90 90.

    P.S.: You wish to improve your chances of finding suitable candidates by entrusting our recruitment agency with the sourcing of candidates ? Please contact us for more information and agency fees. We currently source doctors primarily from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and the UK. Your advantage:Should we be successful in finding a candidate who signs a contract with you we will reimburse all fees for the ads you have previously placed.