Terms and Conditions German Medicine Net

§ 1 Subject Matter

On behalf of hospitals, clinics, medical practices, pharmacies, doctors and similar in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and other countries (hereinafter referred to as the "clients") German Medicine Net sp. zoo. sp. k. (hereinafter referred to as "GMN") will recruit medical personnel (hereinafter referred to as "contractor") for temporary and permanent employment. The following terms and conditions apply to the business relations between GMN and the contractors as well as between GMN and the clients. In addition, German Medicine Net offers to the mentioned groups the opportunity to publish their offers and applications for a fee in the website

§ 2 Ad Publishing Agreement

By commissioning GMN for the publication of advertisements in the the respective client will conclude a contract. By placing an order, the client accepts the terms and conditions of GMN valid for publication in The order is placed on behalf of the client, unless otherwise agreed in advance, with the obligation to settle the invoices of GMN for the purchase of advertising packages or for the publication of advertisements according to the respective valid price lists or, if applicable, according to individual offer.

§ 3 Subject of Service

GMN is commissioned by the clients - under recognition of these terms and conditions - to publish advertisements as well as to create the technical conditions for an advertisement publication by the client and to maintain them within the framework of the respectively acquired advertisement package. GMN undertakes to regularly advertise the advertising portal, at least through circulars sent out several times a week to doctors (m / w) and / or other health care professionals. If the client does not disclose his/her contact details in the advertisements, German Medicine Net will manually check incoming submissions for these ads and release them on a case-by-case basis to prevent spam. GMN in no way guarantees the number or type of communications in response to the particular ad.

§ 4 Invoicing and Payment

For the respectively ordered advertisements or ad packages the client pays GMN a fee according to the valid price list. For a renewal of the term or a new edition of advertisements, fees will be charged again according to the price list valid at the time. Unless otherwise agreed, the fees are due upon conclusion of the contract between the client and GMN and must be paid in full, at the latest 14 days after the invoice date, a discount is not allowed. If the payment is not made on time, interest of 5% above the current base rate as of the due date must be paid for the total amount. GMN may on a case by case basis, at its sole discretion, offset payments for more recent services with unpaid payments for prior GMN services.

§ 5 Warranty

GMN shall not be liable for any misleading statements of any kind that clients and prospects may make to each other as part of the advertisement publication or as part of the correspondence to these advertisements.

§ 6 Privacy Policy

Both client and contractor agree to the electronic storage of all personal, object and order-related data in a data processing system and the transfer of the data to the other contracting parties - taking into account any blocking notices - by GMN. This consent can be revoked at any time by fax, e-mail or post. It is ensured that the data are treated in absolute confidentiality in compliance with the statutory provisions and are only used appropriately in accordance with the relevant legislation It is pointed out that the data is stored in a data processing system and it is ensured that the data does not reach unauthorized persons.

§ 7 Forfeiture of Claims

For the forfeiture of claims, the legal deadlines apply. If fraud is suspected, the deadlines will be extended accordingly.

§ 8 Final Provision, Severability Clause

All changes to these terms and conditions must be in writing. This clause can not be overruled orally. Should one of the aforementioned provisions be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

§ 9 Governing Law, Jurisdiction

The law of Poland applies unless otherwise agreed by contract. Place of jurisdiction is Szczecin.